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With over 2 million sweat glands and just as many sebaceous (oil) glands in our bodies, it’s a difficult task to always look as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez or as handsome as McDreamy..McSteamy..okay we’ll just keep it to Patrick Dempsey.  Welcome to Amber Blue Skincare’s blog site-the go-to place for you to receive everything from quick skin facts like those above to news on the latest product released.  Amber Blue Skincare is a family owned and operated company whose products are 100% all-natural.  We won’t get into all the details behind our garden which all the herbs come from, the details of our decision to only make products in their peak harvest, or even the details behind leaving out any and all hazardous chemicals…whoops, is that too “detail-y”?  If we still haven’t won you over, head over to our “About Me” section at the top which will really make you question if a skincare product line like this really exists.

Well, we exist.  Amber Blue Skincare is in the works of getting off the ground with a running start.  We have our website up, our intern  to make our social media outlet a big asset, and ourselves mixing and stirring up herbs and other fresh ingredients to give you, the customer, exactly what you want.  This includes everything from face washes to candles.  So after a year of planning, recipe making, and business building we have officially almost reached the finish line.  What waits us is a new and exciting venture that we can’t wait to share with all of you!  We’ve got the purest line of products you’ve ever seen and are confident you are going to love it.  So besides keeping our products fresh, natural, and delicious, what do you want?  After all, this is still a business and we, the company, are here to suit you, the customer.

Keep checking back for updates on our company, the official announcement of our launch (Fall 2012), tips on how to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, and other great news!

Until next week,

Tara & Jen

Amber Blue Skincare


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