Check Out Our Ingredients!

A lot of companies, specifically skincare companies, are nervous flat out scared to post any of their ingredients on any website, packaging, advertisement, etc.  Amber Blue?  Nah, why would we be?  All of our ingredients are nothing to be ashamed of.  The old saying holds true, we flaunt what Mother (Earth) gave us.  We added a new tab at the top of this blog next to our About Us and Website links called Our Ingredients.  Don’t be hesitant, we want you to click on it once, twice, and even three times today, tomorrow, and next year.  Show your neighbor, brother, hubby, or heck even your cat!  This new tab leads you directly to a list of all of the ingredients that are used in our products; we promise we won’t leave anything out.  We’ll even make it a pinky promise.

We trust you, as the customer, to trust in us that we will we give you the purest and freshest lotions, creams, and washes to ever touch your skin.  What better way to prove this by not only placing our ingredients on our packaging but to also plaster it on our blog, website, and maybe even scream it off a rooftop.  So go ahead, check out Our Ingredients now!


Amber Blue Skincare


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