My Skin: Amber Blue Herbal Solar Infusions

We want to begin a blog series titled My Skin so guess what?  We’re doing it.  Every other week you can be sure to stumble across our page to find a new “My Skin: —” story.  These blog posts are 100% personal stories from us founders of Amber Blue!  We want to share with you the truth behind our products and why we value them so much.  Every personal “My Skin” story may not just be related to skin…wouldn’t you love to hear about the events we attend, people we meet, and funny situations we find ourselves in?!  So, here is our first one; My Skin: Amber Blue Herbal Solar Infusions.  We want to show you how we use the sun to really bring out the naturalness in our products…

Being both an herbalist and an aromatherapist, I am always making some sort of concoction. The herbs have taken over my family, house, and life—in the very best way possible!  My two daughters and husband have become inflicted with the herb-loving bug.  I live, breath, and sleep herbs. It’s gotten to the point where recently my husband’s work shed has been converted to my drying shed.  It’s wonderful!  I harvest my herbs and hang them from the rafters—it’s truly a beautiful sight.   I use herbs in everything from cooking for a family dinner to tossing them into a cup of tea to battle my insomnia.  My 5 year old daughter Emma now won’t step foot in a typical bubble bath—now it’s all herbal infused bubbles for this chick!

You’re probably wondering how we make our products.  Well many of the herbs used come from our family garden; the others are wild harvested or purchased from reputable suppliers. My favorite herbs to use, and ones we use in many of our skin care products, are lavender, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, nettle, plantain, roses, borage, and fennel.  We take these herbs and infuse them with a carrier oil.  There is nothing but therapeutic benefits of the carrier oil and herbs we choose—double whammy if you ask me.   Typically, after collecting the herbs we want to use, we add some rays of sunshine by putting the concoction in a glass jar.  Letting it sit in the sun for weeks creates some spectacular herbal solar infusions.  The sun’s energy is absorbed in the jar giving it that extra natural touch.  From here we drain the herbs and use this powerful infused herbal oil in our Amber Blue Skincare products.  Then we add essential oils that are selected for their healing properties.  I’m curious to know how many skincare lines go through all this work. We do solely because we want to make and share the best skin care products on the planet.  Questions or comments?  Leave them below; we’d love to hear from you!


Co-founder of Amber Blue


5 thoughts on “My Skin: Amber Blue Herbal Solar Infusions

  1. I have extremely sensitive skin, guess it comes with the red hair and freckles…
    I have used the soaps and facial scrubs (lavender rose) and am hooked!! It really makes my skin feel so much cleaner and softer. I absolutely love the products the Amber Blue founders have to offer. Love reading how much care they put into their products too, it shows!

  2. I cannot wait until your skin products are available for purchase. I am going to be the first one in line. I love the process: it is very interesting. Love, your sister

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