Why Choose All Natural or Organic Skincare Products?

It’s awesome that there are so many options out there in the skincare industry for people to choose from.  But, with so many different options of products how do you decide which to go for?  Some people may select an organic or all natural product just because it sounds good.  But what about all the good reasons to actually go organic or all natural?  So our question for you today is why do you choose organic or all natural products?  Aren’t the other products found on the store’s shelves great too?  We don’t believe so.  We thought we would give our thoughts on why you should select organic or all natural products.

Think of the environment around you.  The actions we make from day to day can impact the environment and our quality of life.  For example Amber Blue made a conscience decision when selecting the type of packaging to use; making sure that it can be recycled or is from recycled products. We also use soy ink for our labels, and the herbs we grow are grown by us using sustainable gardening practices.  Those actions/decisions we make impact our products and the environment just as the food you eat and the products you use have an impact on your body and the environment. When choosing a skincare product, it’s important to remember that whatever you put on your skin is also absorbed in your body.

We’ve already discussed bad ingredients so we won’t reiterate what kinds of ingredients go into the mainstream skincare products that most people use.  But we haven’t really discussed any of the side effects of using bad ingredients.  With the use of products filled with bad ingredients, your skin over time will start to get tired of trying to fight them off.  Skin becomes dried out, sensitive, and begins to speed up the aging process…nobody, and we mean nobody, wants that!

Before the world started to go green, natural skincare products already existed.  Do you really think the pharaohs in Egypt wore CoverGirl?  No!  They used those herbs growing behind their pyramids.  Women have been way ahead of the game (well, duh) and already know the glow to your skin a natural product gives.  Cleopatra was known to use ingredients like rose water, olive oil, lavender, and roses (Amber Blue does the same).  Then, something began to change in the ingredients people used.  Change so much to the point that now, we put over 200 toxins on our skin daily-from facial cleansers to body lotions…even some things that we can’t really control like the air quality.  These toxins are absorbed into your body either by your skin, by breathing it in, or by eating it.  They then enter the blood streem.  The body is unable to get rid of many of the toxins so they kind of just hang out and cause problems.

We can change that of course.  By using all natural or organic products which reduces your exposure to toxins!  Down to the point where when you’re older, your lack of wrinkles will make people think that you and your mom are sisters (trust us, it happens all the time)!

Natural skincare products are famous for their hypoallergenic properties.  So yes, when it comes to acne, skin blemishes, rashes, and excessive drying, it often is related to the products you are using.  Using natural skincare products simply just means those acne bumps will fade, those skin blemishes will be no more, the rashes will disappear, and the excessive drying and flaking of your skin will be the past.

We know natural skincare products can often be more expensive but usually you use less because they work so well.  Amber Blue doesn’t use ingredients like water and mineral oil that make a cheap product.  The ingredients we use are selected for their healing, antioxidant, nutrient, and detoxifying properties.  Check out our ingredient page to find out for yourself.

So that annoying saying still goes, YOLO!  You Only Live Once-you only have one body-live your life to the fullest and treat your body like it’s the fountain of youth. Choose carefully the products you use for your skin.  Amber Blue likes to think we are using ingredients once used by the great pharaohs in Egypt; we want you to trust Amber Blue so that you too feel like and look as beautiful and intriguing as Cleopatra did.

Until next week,

Amber Blue Skincare


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