My Story: The Birth of “Amber Blue”

We promised you that every other week you can be sure to stumble across our page to find a new “My Skin: —” story.  These blog posts are 100% personal stories from us founders of Amber Blue!  We want to share with you the truth behind our products and why we value them so much.  Every personal “My Skin” story may not just be related to skin…wouldn’t you love to hear about the events we attend, people we meet, and funny situations we find ourselves in?!  So, here is our second one; My Skin: The Birth of “Amber Blue”.  We want you to know exactly where the name “Amber Blue” came from.

I am very excited to write my own “My Skin” story.  I read my mum’s last week along with all of you.  I wanted to be surprised so I asked her not to tell me what she had written and when I finally read it, I couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear.  It is amazing what we have both accomplished in the last few years.  We started with an idea, which was to start an organic skincare & aromatherapy business and fast-forward two years later and we literally eat, sleep, and breathe herbs!  We’ve have both taken classes in New York City and my mum has taken classes also in Boston and NH.  She will be taking one in Provence, France while on a family vacation next month.   My mum also, while on a family trip to Ireland last summer, visited a perfumary that was valuable to us for our product research.  We have met amazing mentors, organic friends, and skincare gurus.  We spent two years learning, meeting, and mastering the world of herbs, aromatherapy, and all things skincare.  It’s become our blood, sweat, and tears (a phrase which has a whole new meeting to both of us).

I like to call my mum the witch doctor.  Like she said in her “My Skin” post, she literally can concoct anything from herbs!  If there were a Doctor for Herbs she’d be the Chief.  Part of my role in the company is all things business (so I guess that makes me the Chief of Business!)  I handle our branding, operations, PR/marketing, sales, legal, accounting and so forth.  While we both specialize in a certain part of the business, there is some overlap, and you will find me helping with product development and my mum helping with operations of the business.  We are a perfect balance for each other and for this business!

A popular question we always get asked is how we came up with our name, Amber Blue.  It was not easy.  It took a year to have that “AHA!” moment (as Oprah calls it).  That moment was January 28, 2012 to be exact,the day Amber Blue was born.  I’ll never really forget that night, it all just suddenly clicked for us – the name, the business, what we wanted to accomplish.  My mum had spent the weekend in NYC to discuss our business and we attended a weekend of classes on skincare together.  On Saturday night, with a few glasses of wine and the wheels turning, we were going back and forth with “what should the name of the company be?”  It’s a really hard question – it’s like naming your child – it’s forever, you want to like it, and you want your name to have some meaning and encompass the company values.   We based our company on two things: PURE (organic/natural/beneficial ingredients) and SIMPLE (easy to choose product line).  We have two main skincare lines: Face and Body.  We decided early on that we wanted two different colored bottles to distinguish our two skincare lines.  My mum always loved the amber colored bottles and I always loved the cobalt blue bottles.  So those were our bottles.  Amber for our face and Cobalt Blue for our body.  (You see where this is going right?!)  That night, while thinking out loud trying to come up with our name, I kept repeating “Pure & Simple”, “Face & Body”, “Amber and Blue Bottles”…. “Amber”… “Blue”… “Amber….Bluuuu..”  And finally the “AHA!” moment happened.  At the very same time (like in the movies) we both screamed, “AMBER BLUE!”  You know the saying, “when you know you know”.  Well, we knew.  I quickly opened my MacBook and purchased the web domain  It was official.  Amber Blue was ours.  Of course, that was just the beginning.  It turns out that naming your business requires a whole lot of other things like forming the LLC, trademarking your name, establishing your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, branding the products… happily 6 months later… here we are officially Amber Blue.

As important as what is in our products it is equally as important to provide you with a refreshing look and feel in our packaging, a unique and simple way to purchase our products online and to have social media outlets that allow you to have an inside look at our products in development, our garden and studio, to learn some interesting facts, and the ability to have easy communication with me and my mum.   As my mum said last week, we want to make and share the best skin care products on the planet and we also want to have the best relationship with our customers too.  We want to educate, we want to create and we want to share.  We hope you all enjoy what is to come at Amber Blue!  Questions or comments?  Leave them below; we’d love to hear from you!



Co-Founder of Amber Blue Skincare


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