Seven Skin Care Sins to Avoid

There are so many sins we all commit on our skin.  Everything from not wearing sunscreen when on vacation to flooding our pores with a bad cover-up and forgetting to wash it off before bed.  We came up with 7 bad skin habits (in no particular order) that we see people commit all the time, okay okay we do it from time to time too. Here you go…ready?

1. Remember when we mentioned the importance of sunscreen?  One of the worst bad skin habits is to ditch the broad-spectrum sunscreen!  The best way to prevent wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tone is through some nifty SPF.   This means, summer, fall, winter and spring!  Vitamin D deficient? 10-15 minutes in the sun sans SPF will give you enough radiation to produce about 10,000 international units of the vitamin.  Now go put some sunscreen on!

2Alcohol is another bad skin habit.  Alcohol intake reduces the level of vitamin A in the body a pretty important antioxidant!  Alcohol is also dehydrating causing the skin to lose important blood circulation.  Have Rosacea?  Alcohol, especially red wine, can increase redness, worsen breakouts, and cause enlarged veins on the noise and cheeks.  We recommend, that if you do drink, do so in moderation.  Avoid sweet syrups or liqueurs as these can increase inflammation and worsen acne, wrinkles and rashes.  If you prefer wine, find sulfite-free wines, this will not only help you from getting a hangover, but it will also avoid further skin issues.

3. Make-up Hoarding! Keeping your makeup for years and decades is downright dirty-think of what grows in those dark lipstick slap it on your skin, lips, and eyes…yuck. Think of your store-bought makeup like food; it goes bad eventually!  We recommend tossing your used make-up after 12 months of use and cleaning your brushes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (at least!)  “Once every three weeks, lather brushes with a gentle shampoo, rinse well, and let them dry overnight” – Allure Magazine.  Not washing them can lead to clogged pores.  How do you remember when to toss the make-up?  A good technique is to purchase new makeup around a specific date like your birthday or holiday.  This is a great way to remember a lot of things – like scheduling an annual mole check-up too!

4. This may seem a little bit silly but drinking milk may actually be harmful to your skin.  I know, it’s crazy right, we were born on drinking milk!  Hormones and growth factors in milk are in fact absorbed into the bloodstream.  Those hormones actually have androgenic effects that can cause women to break out.

5. Forgetting about your neck and chest are terrible skin habits! When caring for your face it’s also important to care for the skin below it.  We always make sure to wash our necks and chest every time we cleanse our face..the same goes for moisturizing and SPF too!

6. Your Hands! If your chin is resting on one of your hands with your fingers spread across your cheek, take it off…NOW!  Another bad skin habit is being too touchy-feely with your hands on your face. Think of all the germs, oils, dirt, and toxins that grace across your fingertips almost hourly.  Keep those away from your face!  Your phone might be a culprit too.   Try cleaning your phone as often as possible.

7. POPPING ZITS.  We all do it. But squeezing a pimple actually makes your pimple worse.  Not only does it cause your blemish to last longer than if you didn’t touch it but it also pushes some of the bacteria deeper into your pores, causing inflammation, infection, and the dreaded scarring. Treatments like benzoyl peroxide and retinoid can actually harm your skin causing more irritation, damaging skin around your blemish and causing redness.  Recommendation: Try using witch hazel and lemon juice as an on the spot treatment.  Exfoliate (but do not overdo it) by using lemon, baking soda, orange, chamomile, aloe vera, and white willow. And finally, try steaming your face and following up by placing cold ice cubes on your pores which tighten and help acne.

Until next week,

Amber Blue Skincare


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