What’s Your Skin Type?

What type of skin would you say you have?  We’re not talking about the color, we’re talking about the texture.  Is it smooth or rough? Sensitive? Oily or dry? Something else?  It can be a difficult task to decide which type of skin you have but it is also very important to know.  Most skincare products aren’t as universal as you may think.  A lot of them are specific-for example, a cleanser which states in bold letters for sensitive skin is more than likely just for sensitive skin.  Buying multiple skincare products for not only your own skin but for your whole family can be frustrating and quite expensive.  So this post is all about figuring out what type of skin you have and then maybe a little bit of persuasion to buy some Amber Blue products; since your skin type doesn’t really matter to us because in a sense, our products are universal.

We stumbled through about.com’s beauty section and graced upon this awesome trick on figuring out your skin type:

“Rona Berg, in her book, “Beauty the New Basics,” suggests you take the “skin test” to tell what skin type you have. To do this, wash your face, pat it dry, then take a few pieces of rice paper or lens-cleaning tissue paper and press on different spots on your face. If your skin is oily, the paper will stick, pick up oily spots and become translucent. If the paper doesn’t stick or pick up any oily spots, your skin is likely dry. If it sticks in your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then you have combination (or normal) skin. Most women actually have combination skin.”

So what type of skin do you have?  And better yet, what products are you going to use?  We mentioned earlier that Amber Blue products are universal.  You may be asking how that could possibly be but we are sitting on the other end of this screen with a huge smile on our faces telling you it’s soooo possible.

We use gentle herbs such as calendula, chamomile, lavender, roses to make each of our products. Our herbal face cleanser is so gentle it can be used as a face cleanser or mask and can used on all skin types. Our rose toner is so gentle it can be used on any age! The face serum, eye cream, and face lotion is anti-aging and can be used on all skin types as well.

If that didn’t make our products universal enough for you let us introduce our body line.  The body line consists of glycerin soap which is the gentlest type of soap. One is a goats milk soap infused with raw organic honey and oats. It’s so gentle it can be used on a baby.  Our body serum is gentle apricot oil and sweet almond oil infused with gentle garden herbs…guess what?  This can also be used on a baby. Our body lotion can also be used on all skin types and all ages…universal yet?  To prove it we can honestly say we both use it (Jen and Tara), we use it on little Emma, and our mum also uses it!

We want Amber Blue to be simple to use and pure. In addition, many of the products can be used for multiple things. The face cleanser can be used as a daily cleanser and mask.  Add yogurt, honey, avocado and presto!  You have yourself a mask. A little tip from us founders is to make a paste out of it and put it on bug bites or other skin irritations.  The toner products are face hydrators, pick me ups, cleansers, and last but not least, aromatherapy-relaxers.  The body balm can also be used on your lips for silky smooth lips!  The body serum can be used on your body as a moisturizer or in the bath as a bath oil.  Another little tip from us is that we take some drops of our body serum and even rub it into our hair…smooth curls to say the least.

So what type of skin do you have?  Amber Blue doesn’t discriminate.  And we kinda really think that’s what separates us from the rest.  We’re always getting super personal with our soil when gardening new herbs and spending a lot of time with our kitchen to make the purest, simplest, and most universal products in the world.  It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have because here at Amber Blue, everything will work for you.

Stay beautiful,

Amber Blue Skincare


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