Amber Blue Has Launched!


We’re Open For Business!
Visit our online store to learn, shop and enjoy a variety of Amber Blue’s natural and organic skincare and aromatherapy products.
And don’t forget to visit us at our Launch Event & Holiday Market TONIGHT December 13th in NYC.  Details Below.
TONIGHT: Grand Opening Event
WIX Holiday Market
Thursday, December 13th, 2012, 6pm-9pm
10 West 18th Street, 2nd floor, NYC (b/w 5th & 6th)
Amber Blue & 16 other local businesses
Just in time for the holidays! Shop, Eat&Drink, and be Merry!
Spread the cheer!  Invite friends & family!
Premier Product Advanced Formula Anti-Aging Serum
Skin looks and feels better with serum – it’s that simple.  Amber Blue’s Advanced Formula is a secret complex formula by us tried and tested that’s a little bit of luxury worth the splurge. Learn why face serum is the new it product in skincare.  Here’s a hint: Our serum is packed with 16 (yes, 16!) nourishing & beneficial oils from around the globe! Learn, Shop, Enjoy Here!
Learn About the benefits of going natural & organic
In one year a woman will absorb 4lbs of toxics & chemicals into their bodies from using mainstream cosmetics*. These companies have created a plethora of cheap, synthetic components to their products to lower the price & increase the rate of production.  Products that rarely carry any real benefit to them. The European Union has banned 1,200 of these types of toxins & chemicals but the U.S. has only banned 10.  A surge in organic skincare companies are beginning to emerge as consumers educate themselves and move towards organic foods, cleaning supplies and cosmetics.
Amber Blue’s ingredients provide benefits from Mother Nature that just can’t be duplicated by synthetic ingredients.  Our ingredients will not dry out your skin or cause adverse reactions.  Each and every ingredient is chosen for it’s benefit to your skin.  You will find natural plant oils, herbs and essential oils.
Interested to learn more?  Check out our website to follow our weekly blog and join our mailing list!
*The US Institute of Occupational Health and Safety
Shop Face, Body & Aromatherapy
We have launched our essential skincare line in time for the holiday season.  Shop online or swing by our Holiday Market on December 13th in NYC.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be alerted of new product launches, events and the like!
Our Co-Founders
Jen & Tara
Can you believe it’s been two years! That’s when we started with a simple idea and here we are now – launching Amber Blue.  It’s been a long but fun two years of learning, developing and launching Amber Blue. We’ve taken classes around the globe and met many amazing mentors along the way.

In that time, Jen has become a licensed aromatherapist and herbalist – how cool is that? Tara has been busy with the operations of the business. Joining other entrepreneurs    in learning, building and establishing new business.  We’re a pretty great team, mother & daughter, both with great focus on the parts of the business. Together we are able to bring you the best in natural & organic skincare. It’s our word!
The benefits of Amber Blue
Enjoy your new Amber Blue products.  They have been made with natural & organic ingredients  used in human skin care products for hundreds of years, and they really work!  We spent two years formulating recipes and having them reviewed and tested by a cosmetic chemist.  They are packed with the absolute best ingredients for your skin. We promise.  So what exactly are the benefits of our chosen ingredients?  We’ve laid it out for you on our site.



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