Skin Care Routine Untangled


Skin care can be down right confusing!

When we decided to launch Amber Blue our main goal was to take the headache out of choosing what was needed for your skin; hence our slogan, “Pure and Simple Skincare”.  Pure: the absolute best ingredients.  Simple: simple product line. Put simply, we created products that are the best at what they do.

At our launch, we were surprised at how many women were unsure of the “steps” in skincare. This is what is great about meeting our clients in person, we can answer your questions and also get great feedback. You inspired this week’s blog, so thank you. Hopefully we’ll help women around the world untangle your question:

What does a proper skincare routine consist of?




Removes dirt and oil.

Amber Blue
Lavender Rose Face Cleanser

While providing mild exfoliation to remove the outer layer of dead skin, almonds also provide nutrition such as vitamin E to the skin. Clay helps absorb dirt and excess oils, while oats sooth the skin to decrease inflammation. Lavender, roses and aloe help hydrate and tone the skin and decrease inflammation that can lead to signs of aging.

toner onlySTEP 2: TONER

Shrinks your pores, refreshes your skin and removes remaining toxins left on your skin.

Amber Blue
Rose Hydrosol Toner

The main ingredient in this toner is a hydrosol distilled from roses. This rose water has great hydrating properties for the skin. It also helps to tighten skin to decrease wrinkles and can help calm the nervous system to decrease stress which plays a big part in aging skin.

serum onlyeSTEP 3: SERUM

Serums contains ingredients that are 20 times more biologically active than many ordinary creams that we use. Serums are known for faster, better and deeper penetration in the skin and thus giving faster results. Hydrates deep levels of your skin that moisturizers cannot reach.

Amber Blue
Advanced Formula Anti-Aging Serum
16 Nourishing & Beneficial Organic Oils

Intense treatment of 16 oils penetrates deep into skin to delivery vitamins and antioxidants. This oil-based product provides a blend of oils to provide a light feeling on the skin, as well as to protect and nourish the skin. The oils provide gamma linoleic acid, which helps repair aging skin, improve elasticity and decrease scaring; linoleic acid helps repair dry skin and improve moisture. High level of phenolics and phytosterols help keep skin plump and younger looking as well as decrease inflammation that can lead to aging.  The essential oil blend was designed to minimize wrinkles, decrease inflammation, calm irritation and improve skin tone.


Facial cream provides immediate and long-term hydration, eye cream improves the texture and look of the skin around the eyes and lip balm protects and moisturizes lips.

Amber Blue
Sweet Honey Lip Balm

Long-lasting balm protects and moisturizes dry lips. Blend of ingredients leave lips soft and supple with a perfect shine and sweet scent of orange oil, sunflower oil and honey.

At this time, Amber Blue, does not carry  a face or eye cream. We plan to launch our cream line in early 2013. Please check back for updates!

z_SunSTEP 5: SPF

90% of wrinkles are caused by the sun’s UVA light and damage from sun is the number one cause of premature aging. Put on that sunscreen daily!


Recommended 1-2x per week.

The average woman has 30 layers of dead skin cells on her face. Regular exfoliation can help keep your skin tone even, your acne in check, and even avoid dryness. *

DIY Exfoliator: Mix 3 table spoon equal parts of warm extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar and honey. Apply to face in gentle circular motions for 2-5 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Facial masks are designed to supplement a regular skin care regimen. Exfoliating and masks can help nourish your skin and address any skincare issues. Adding weekly facials to your skincare routine will improve the health of your skin and enhance the beauty of your complexion.**

DIY Mask
Amber Blue
Lavender Rose Mask
Add warm honey, warm yogurt or avocado to cleanser for a refreshing face masque. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.

To purchase Amber Blue’s products, visit our website at:

– Tara & Jen, Co-Founders

*Excerpt from Suite101
**Excerpt from Live Strong

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