Four Skin-solutions for 2013


We’re already a few days into 2013…can you believe it?  The year is already flying by, and here at Amber Blue, 2013 has definitely kept us busy thus far.  So busy, that we didn’t really even have much time to sit back and think of what we want to be our personal New Year’s Resolutions.  We crossed off the typical “bye bye to all the holiday food”, “exercise more”, and “to make more time for friends and family”…. and gasp, maybe even more time to ourselves.

A resolution, also, isn’t just about giving things up.  A resolution is a solution to a problem. So what should we solve this year?  Better yet, what should you solve this year?  Typically, everyone heads in the direction of solving a health issue.  They tend to do this through eating healthy and exercising.  However, a lot of people are missing out on their unhealthy skin habits.  Being healthy is not just about eating right and exercising daily, it’s also about being good to your skin.

So here at Amber Blue, we have, what we believe, to be the best New Year’s Resolution thus far-In 2013, we want all of you to resolve any skin issues you have by being good to your skin.  Who wouldn’t want a glowing face, healthy body and well-being!

Below are four easy ways to “be good to your skin”.  Happy 2013 to all of our resolvers!

Resolution One

Remove dirt and oil
Nobody wants dirt and oil to leave your skin feeling greasy or even look dirty.  However, everyone cleanses their skin differently.  For some people, cleaning it multiple times a day does the trick but for others, once a day is good enough!  You’re the one who knows your skin the best but there are still some basic factors to remove dirt and oil.  Using our Lavender Rose Face Cleanser and mask (packed with clay, oats, roses, lavender, almonds, vitamin E and essential oils of lavender and tea tree oil) will gently remove the outer dead layer of skin that covers your face.  You can add warm honey, warm yogurt or avocado to the cleanser for a refreshing face masque.


Resolution Two
Shrink your pores
Who doesn’t ask this when they go to their dermatologist or buying the next gimmick to hide your pores all together. While we wish shrinking pores could be done by the fairy godmother, a little bit of toner will truly do the trick by shrinking your pores? Toner also removes any remaining dirt or residue. Our toner is made of rose, chamomile and rose geranium hydrosol which are known to hydrate & tighten skin, shrink your pores and decrease wrinkles!
toner only

Resolution Three
Keep your skin hydrated
The winter is the worst time for skin.  The cold weather and household heat tends to dry out skin so easily!  But Mother Nature has nothing on our Advanced Formula Face Serum packed with 16 nourishing and organic oils.  It literally touches upon Every. Single. Possible. Skin Ailment.  By using this all-natural and organic serum, the ingredients penetrate deep down into the layers of your skin something that most simple face moisturizers cannot do.  There’s a reason why serum is the fastest growing skincare product on the market and our bestseller.  And as always remember to drink plenty of water, herbal tea and cut down on the alcohol and caffeine (okay we didn’t say remove – just cut down on!).

serum onlye

Resolution Four
Protect your skin
The best way to really protect your skin would probably be to walk around in a bubble…imagine?  In a more realistic world, the best way to protect your skin is through SPF.  Putting on sunscreen daily will save years of wrinkles and other skin damage.  Just because you can’t feel the sun in the winter months, the sun’s rays are here 365 days a year, rain or shine, hot or cold.  The signs of sun damage do not show up overnight, but when they do, there is no reversing.  Protect yourself now and thank yourself later.


Happy New Year!

Tara & Jen

Co-Founders, Amber Blue


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